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Gena's, album 'Voices' is now out and available for purchase. Of the album she says "I wanted to return to the origins of our music in the gospel voice. The voice is our first instrument and has a huge range of versatility; and in the seeming simplicity of Gospel's vocal harmonies and rhythms it conveys a great landscape of power and emotion. It's our music for praising God, a sanctuary, a rallying cry for justice and a home for millions of people for hundreds of years."
Gena always wanted her debut album to be gospel. She believes it's her way of giving the gift back to her Creator.

She has begun touring in the UK and internationally.

more info: 020 7589 7933

You can email Gena here: gena@genawest.com

Click here to see the 'Voices' album cover

We intend to publish a regular update of Gena’s plans for all the people who love her music. If you are interested please send your details to gena@genawest.com